The TMC Advantage for Employers

A leader in economic and workforce development, TMC provides a valuable human resource function for employers by:

  • Providing motivated individuals who may already have skills in your area.
  • Offering a risk-free way to hire, using the work experience portion of the program to see the participant's skills and attitudesin action before hiring...and their training time is covered by The Momentum Centre.
  • Delivering weekly access to cutting-edge professional development for your participant to successfully navigate the world of work, providing cost savings in the thousands by offering this training for your participant at zero cost to you.
  • Supplying additional behind the scenes one on one resiliency coaching and support to participants throughout the program.
  • Maintaining a regular schedule of contact and support with you, tracking participants’ progress, addressing areas that require attention and gathering information for professional development training and coaching needs.

TMC Trainers challenge participants to build on their prior knowledge and polish their professional skills further by delivering intensive hands-on, leading-edge training in the following areas:


  • Analyzing and adapting to various workplace cultures
  • Professional conduct/group facilitation skills
  • Effective communication skills, including paraphrasing, summarizing and purpose stating
  • Strategies for transforming conflict
  • Diversity awareness and cross-cultural competency building
  • Stress reduction/resiliency building and self-management skills


You can expect to see participants practicing sharpening their observational skills, experimenting with new ways of listening and speaking, and taking the initiative to explore their role and offer their best work.