Momentum Now! Program

Begins with an 8-week of pre-employment seminar where participants remain on EIA/EI and prepare to enter the workplace. The pre-employment seminar actively introduces participant to all 5 key skill-building areas of the professional development curriculum through group-based employability skills training.


24 weeks of paid meaningful work experience (earning minimum wage at 37.5 hours a week) in a cooperating workplace, in their field of interest that participants help choose - all with the goal of transitioning successfully into ongoing employment.

Our successful mixed model of leading-edge professional development combined with paid work experience means that participants are learning hands-on and gaining weekly training, mentoring, and coaching they can immediately apply in the workplace.


Graduates move into the world of meaningful work having built a foundation of resiliency, self-governance, and self-management to sustain them in employment long-term.

Momentum Resiliency Project

Is a trauma-informed employment program that assists recently incarcerated youth facing barriers in successfully entering the labour market through quality work experience combined with leading-edge professional development and customized wrap-around supports that leads to meaningful, ongoing work.

Begins with 6 weeks of paid pre-employment training (earning minimum wage for 30 hours a week)


18 weeks of paid meaningful work experience that prepares participants to move into the world of work in a sustainable way.


TMC’s unique model puts participants at the centre as key decision-makers in directing their learning and meaningful employment opportunities.  Participants recognize, activate, and engage in identifying and overcoming internal and external barriers, building strength and confidence as they claim responsibility and control for their lives, “advancing resiliency as an essential skill”.