For Future Participants

Supporting the development of self-governance and self-management by putting YOU at the centre as a key decision maker in leading, choosing and directing.

Supporting YOUth in developing and enhancing their long-term employability skills, occupational functioning and emotional resilience through comprehensive professional development and wrap-around supports, resiliency coaching, and quality paid work experience that leads to meaningful, ongoing employment.

TMC offers an opportunity to gain paid employment in your area of interest or expertise.  A work experience placement offers:

  • A chance to investigate what kind of work you are interested in and/or are passionate about.
  • A chance to receive detailed feedback and personalized coaching from experienced staff mentors as you navigate the world of work.
  • A supportive environment for learning about professional workplace cultures
  • A way for you to gain experience in your field of interest or expertise.
  • Strategies to develop a network of professional contacts in your field.
  • An opportunity to develop the skills needed to launch into, stay in, and advance in the world of work.

“One of my biggest barriers was not believing in myself.  The results from the program have been amazing.  I am now able to do something without having the thought that I can’t do it.  I believe in me.”

Momentum Now! 6 Graduate