National Research Project

Our Momentum Now! Program garnered recognition for exceptional results through a national research project conducted by the Social Research and Demonstration Corporation (SRDC) where our participants were achieving 8-10 times the results of control groups for moving off EIA (employment and income assistance) by program graduation and still double the results of our control groups after 16 months, despite:

  • 93% of our participants coming from long term or multi-generational EIA dependence
  • 93% of our participants struggling with post-traumatic stress impacts and depression
  • 81% were former youth in care
  • 55% had contact with justice as a child or adult
  • 64% dealt with homelessness or housing issues
  • 43% dealt with domestic violence while in the program.

When the province’s senior policy analysts searched their EIA databanks, they independently confirmed that 70% had transitioned off EIA a year later.  The national and international success rates with this clientele is closer to 40-50% and often lower. We are having tremendous success with a clientele that has often been left behind in the labour market and education system.

Recognized by the SRDC during the National Research Project as a leader in delivering accelerated services, (a unique combination of life stabilization AND employment simultaneously) The Momentum Centre graduates youth into the world of meaningful work having built a foundation of resiliency, self-governance, and self-management to sustain employment long-term!