TMC is a leader in economic and workforce development.


Our Momentum Now! program’s methodology and design were part of a longitudinal RCT (randomized control testing) study that validated the model as providing significant ROI (return on investment) to government by reducing the dependency on income supports and transitioning youth into sustainable employment and financial independence.  Our organization has worked extensively with equity deserving groups such as BIPOC, former youth in care, ex-offenders, newcomers, and refugees.

The program’s overall employment rate and employment and back to school rate sits at between 74% to 84%.  We continue to achieve outcomes almost double the national and international employment success rates which range between 40-50% for income assistance clients.

Our Momentum Resiliency Project (formerly called Momentum Community Reintegration Program) began as a rapid roll out in response to an urgent request from the province and worked with previously incarcerated men in reducing criminal justice re-involvement.   The project made a difference in the lives of 62 men, with new offences dropping from 40% all the way down to 14% in four short years.

Now re-designed to assist all recently incarcerated youth who face barriers to successfully entering the labour market, Resiliency Project 2.0 is a trauma-informed employment program delivering quality work experience combined with leading-edge professional development and customized wrap-around supports that leads to meaningful, ongoing work.

TMC’s unique model puts participants at the center as key decision makers in directing their learning.

Achieving Results in a Global Pandemic

 Now, more than ever, TMC continues to demonstrate its integral participation in the province’s economic roadmap to recovery.