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What is The Momentum Centre looking in cooperating workplaces?

We are looking for cooperating workplaces that are able to provide meaningful work experience for participants that could lead to ongoing employment. We are looking for positive work climates that are interested and open to mentorship and are willing to invest in our participants.

How does the program work?

We partner with workplaces that participants identify as organizations that they are interested in working in. We set up work placements (most are for 4 months) where our participants will join you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday for 8 hr shifts, and then Fridays for 4 hours. Every Thursday for a full day and Friday afternoon participants are in extensive leadership, initiative taking, and professional development training.

Is there a lot of admin work to do?

No. We pay participants wages directly and there only is a weekly timesheet to fill out for this. We have a memorandum of understanding in the beginning of the placement we have signed with cooperating workplaces that we fill out most of it. There is a 1 to 1.5 hour mid performance review half way through the placement. Program staff may call for 2-5 minutes to check-in to see how participants are doing and are there for longer conversations if there are concerns and there is a need to provide support for both the employer and participant.

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